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mardi 17 mars 2009

Pop Up

Photos: Jean Picon & Virgili Jubero
Vitamine Water was launched in Paris during Fashion Week.
For the occassion, a Pop Up bar and workshop was set up.
Movies, games art, music fashion are on the to do list.
These are from the opening night, which happened to be a bingo and blind test night.
We didn't win the bingo, but we won a blind test ( it would have been a disgraceto be a djette and loose... ).

PS: Sorry for my incredible lack of posting.
       Has been a very busy month for us and just didn't have the time to put up anything semi descent for you.
       My schedual is still completly hectic but will definitely try and make and effort to post more often!

11 commentaires:

amanda a dit…

love your skirt!


cheap thrills a dit…

cute outfit

Hanna a dit…

hahah that looks crazy once again !

hande a dit…

ohh u're looking hot as always love the top,it suits u just perfect and beside i want to see ur shoes closer :))

lolita a dit…

Love the topshop skirt, it looks really good paired with a simple top!

LoveMore a dit…

oh great pics..the first is my fav..those lights are so cool and you look so cute!

great outfit. thanks for your comment dear :)

love bel xx

May Kasahara a dit…

lovely * * *

Carolina Botelho a dit…

I LOVE your skirt!

Claudia a dit…

i love your outfit i want your skirt so bad!

Jack Daniel a dit…

do what you gotta do. you looked great that night!

Anonyme a dit…

love your skirt.

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