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mardi 24 février 2009

Disposable / In A Death Car

Photos: Fab The Pool Boy, Sophie Thomsen, Alix Thomsen, Alexandre Grynszpan, Judith Grynszpan, Greg Boust, Noemi Sunshine Ferst
Our disposable camera pics from over a month ago.

16 commentaires:

modern antoinette a dit…

Wow that dress you are wearing is soooo adorable. You look good plus the night looked like a lot of fun.

so you DJ??
by the way, thanks for the comments.


Rosé Ghislain Magritte a dit…

aw these pictures are such fun.

I LOVE your dress by the way, you look cute!

Love the blog.

LoveMore a dit…

you are the cutest N! i love it. great photos. i can feel the good times here :)

xx LM

brittany a dit…

sick! i love the grainy-ness of the photos
and the floral dress! killaaaa

filthy lust a dit…

whenever i look at your photos, i just want your hair, it's gorgeous!

hannah a dit…

i adore that dress (or long top?). the colors of it look amazing on you.

Styleseeking Zurich a dit…

awesome photos.

and i love your dramatic eyeliner~


Francheska a dit…

oh how lovely you loookkk!
makes me want to party actually :)

myra a dit…

Damn that dress is rad!

STARR a dit…

Your hair looks so pretty and I love that dress. I want to find a pretty floral :)

Jack Daniel a dit…

Wow, so many's unreal!!

hande's closet a dit…

Y-O-U are amazing beautiful and cool!!love ur blog and pictures all time!!

Lara a dit…

youre a walking/dancing/beautiful garden! love the dress.

Rabenschwarz a dit…

very cool partypics. especially the first one.

The beautiful and glammed a dit…

love your floral dress, just stumbled across your blog, so glad I did!!! xx

Goldswan a dit…

I looooove your dress, it's beautiful !
I think that Leigh lezark wears the same dress on cobrasnake's pictures.

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