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jeudi 19 mars 2009


Photos: Virgili Jubero
Pop Up Bar again.
So last night, a projection of commercials directed by world renound cinematographer and featuring our icons was set up.
I think my personal favorite was Serge Gainsbourg for Tip-Ex...
Get the picture...

6 commentaires:

Call Me Cat a dit…

Jen Brill? :)

I love the cuffed shorts!!

nicole a dit…

i love vitamin water, ironically...i'm drinking revive right now :]

Genevieve a dit…


Id love to go to something like this.

Jack Daniel a dit…

looks like you've had lots of fun that night. :)

anna a dit…

ahhh love what your wearing!!! that top is devine :)
your blog makes me want to live in paris!

What's On The Outside... a dit…

I absolutely love your hair!

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