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jeudi 11 février 2010

Dirty Glam / Welcome To The Dollhouse Part 2.

Photos: Adeline Mai
Interview: Lolita Jacobs

In december I got a call from my lovely friend, Lolita Jacobs, asking me if I was willing to let her into my home and wardrobe for a Dirrty Glam shoot and interview.
Obviously I accepted.
And behind the camera, another lovely friend of mine, the uber talented Adeline Mai.
You also see a video of this shoot here.
Hope you enjoy these as much as we enjoyed taking them.

And if you want to read the interview in english, I think it's available on Dirrty Glam's site.


17 commentaires:

F Blog a dit…

i love every photo! you look amazing. congrats lady. xx

patti v a dit…

wow, congrats. this is so great. your home looks nice.

Is This Real Life? a dit…

These are such beautiful pictures the styling is stunning too!
Big congrats!
Dirrty Glam is such a fab magazine to be featured in!


you look friggin awesome.



Kelly a dit…

Beautiful beautiful!
Your apartment is just as I imagined!
'Welcome to the Dollhouse' indeed. Haha. Too gorgeous.

I can't find the english translation though...sad.

Congratulations miss XxX

Lori a dit…

this is amazing, you apartment looks great

guns, babes and lemonade a dit…

amazing photography, you look incredible

bonokat a dit…

so many beautiful colors!

i love it when you update

liana a dit…

this is perfect. i love how it expresses your groovy personality.

Kelly a dit…

Oh nooooo! Haha I want to see it.
Yes, try and find the picture. I want to put it on my wall. My Noemi with her wall of Kelly ON the wall of Kelly. Hilarious.
Added to the fact that I think this photoshoot is beyond beautiful!

P.S I'm still searching my letterbox in the vain hope that your parcel will find its way to me! Haha. Ohhh...sad :(

Linnéa a dit…

lucky you! sounds fun :D


Goddamn fabulous! I wish my abode was as eclectically organised! Absolutely adore that full-length number too!

the gorgeous a dit…

Adorable! love your style :)

angie a dit…

absolutely stunning, you look gorgeous in the first picture and i love your outfit in the second x x

bloo. a dit…

awesome photos !


YAIYA a dit…

amazing - beautiful!!!

ediot a dit…

what an amazing editorial! you look stunning and i love all these photos!brilliant.


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