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lundi 4 janvier 2010

Welcome To The Dollhouse Part 1.

Video by Adeline Mai

First things first... Happy New Year!
Hope everyone had a lovely holiday season, I know I did, exhiled way up in the Swiss mountains, nice and cozy and warm, hibernating in a chalet.
So to kick off this new blogging year, I thought I'd give you a little sneak peek at my humble abode, where the lovely Lolita Jacobs and Adeline Mai came to play dress up with me for Dirrty Glam.

6 commentaires:

Bijou and Ruby a dit…

thats so super, totally inspired love your other video as well. you clever thing.

DUSKIN a dit…

totally, utterly adorable.
what is that amazing song playing??

DUSKIN a dit…

nevermind, i didn't get to the end before i got excited by the song. got it.

Lexy a dit…

adorable! you are too cute

Sally a dit…

i'm in love!

is this your apartment & do you live there alone?

aww, i like it. you should post some special shoots out of your aparment á the selby.

xx. sally

le pearl a dit…

cute video. Lookin gorgeous as usual <3

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