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dimanche 30 août 2009

Kids in Cannes - Part 1

Photos: Julien Weber
Am so terribly behind on posting everything that has been going on these past few months!
But don't worry, I'll manage to catch up, I swear!
So to get things cracking, here is part 1 of all the pics from the Cannes Film Festival ( I know, it was 3 months ago, but as I said, way behind schedual!)
Looking back at these, though they were a tough 12 days of physical and mental exhaustion, it was completly worth it!
Hope you enjoy these and promise will be moving on to a different and subject and event soon!

26 commentaires:

Christing a dit…

ah looks so fun! i'm off to cannes next week and can't wait! love the detailing on your top in the first pic!

Maria C a dit…

Looked like so much fun!
And by the way Noemi, you are absolutely stunning!

noura. a dit…

You are quite gorgeous.
I'm glad I found your blog.

charlene a dit…

LOVE THESE. again! you're loooking so gorgeous xoxo


Leigh a dit…

SO fabulous!! I am ready for some fun like that! :0

hannahlizabeth a dit…

oh my looks you had soooo much fun, i wish i could look that stunning while partying and boating haha.


Lexy a dit…

Theses are amazing. I want your life.



youre much to pretty for words
luv the tutus :>

Vanessa Krystin a dit…

Your job/life looks so awesome and eventful! And I really like that beige/black tank in the first photos, who's it by if you don't mind me asking?

NADINE a dit…

these are awesomeee!!!
especially love the beach shots!!


Faridah a dit…

I'm loving the heavy image post, even if it is old! It looks like you had a blast. Can't wait to see more. xx

Clara a dit…

great great great pics!


Natalie a dit…

You have very cute style! cute pics, love that dress u r wearing in the first photos :)


clash of cooper a dit…

your quite the looker aren't you :) all the photos look great and your outfits look fun :) love it


grace a dit…

holy crap noemi! you look stunning!

paddleboarding is the greatest

sarah a dit…

love all your photos, as always, but couldn't resist commenting on the one with you in the feather hat ;)

Marina Siero a dit…

wow amazing pics and dresses.
you look so great..!

Wanderlusting a dit…

What amazing photos! Seriously, from the paddleboarding, to the boating, to the that elevator one? Man your life is a movie!! A movie with a very good wardrober!

bisou-joue a dit…

those pictures are beautidul, as always, julien weber is such a good photographer !
You seem to have such a lot of fun !! And you're always so well dressed !

Mariona a dit…

Kids in Cannes, parties in Cannes, lot of fun in Cannes and very very very glam in Cannes, PROUD !!!

loft in soho a dit…

cool shots!!!!!!!! You look amazing in all your outfits,

Leslee a dit…

Awesome photos, you are so pretty.x)

Jowy a dit…

These pics are so addictive!!! love them.

One Love,

KAELA a dit…

Fantastic photos! ! ! !
.. loving all the outfits.

x kaela

blacktobianco a dit…

you look like you had a blast. i love the white tulle dress, beautiful xo

LoveMore a dit…


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