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mardi 25 août 2009

Cory's Calvi

Photos: Cory Kennedy
Went to Calvi in Corsica for ten days beginning July. We were there on vacation, but also because we organize a festival there every year called Calvi On The Rocks.
My favrite festival in the world! Small and awesome!
And who do I bump into there... The lovely Cory Kennedy.
Here are a couple of pics she took while we were watching the Klaxons concert.
You can check out all her pics from Calvi here.
I'll be putting up some of Julien's pics and my own of the festival and our stay there soon!
And again, just wanted to thank you all for your wonderful comments!

4 commentaires:

JINX a dit…

i think i love you...

charlene a dit…

you look so very perfect (and blissfully happy) in the first photo (:

can't wait for more photos gorgeous!

ellevictoire a dit…

yes, i saw these on cory's blog. love film cameras


wow Calvi on The Rocks has such an amazing line-up! I should definitely go next year!!

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