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mardi 6 janvier 2009

La Révolution

At 00:00am, 01.01.09

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Anonyme a dit…

:>>> there is no way that I would say no to all this x>

tigermilk a dit…

see? this is what i mean "comfortable in your own skin"

ha and thank you for reading!

Siska a dit…

wow that looks hot!

Jordan a dit…

this is you? for real?
you are soooo fabulous

tell me more about the nipple
i'm intrigued and have many of my own ideas on the topic...

DUSKIN a dit…

WOW! totally fabulous.
you have obviously not encountered gravity yet!

PUG and PIPS a dit…

more like YES

Jordan a dit…

i just think it's bizarre that nipples always get censored but if any other part of the breast is exposed it's okay! it's not breasts, it's nipples! which is bizarre...
so that's jewelery or what?
ps you have amazing breasts

the.ramonas a dit…

hey gorgeous! AMAZING PIC! btw... are you a dj? loving it!!!! hot hot hot. ps- check out our latest post and vote for that band!

see ya around

LoveMore a dit…

i love you for this photo! haha i am so for nipple showing too! remember those pics i posted from my 'day in tahiti??" well i spent the majority of that day without my leotard up...i played almost all day without a top was the most glorious day ever! one other of my girlfriends who was there was topless too..the rest were boring..but you rock for doing this in the club! high five..make that high ten to you Miss Noemi Sunshine! xxxx LM

LoveMore a dit…

haha i have been told to put my bather top on at the beach once by the lifeguards!!...i was like "pffft it's a nipple..there are far more offence things on this beach right now...and they are wearing one peice bathers!" okay it was a rude comeback...but nothing wrong with nipple!! gr!

well you have lovely breast, i don't have much to show and never wear bras either...god i love nakedness. haha xxx LM

LoveMore a dit…

i know it is the nipple! it's so silly that everything else can be showing and no one cares what so ever...but as soon as a the inchiest bit of that other shade of skin is showing...heaven forbid the nipple itself...SCANDLEOUS!!!! such a joke.
oh and the lifguard wasn't in the one piece! sorry. that would be revolting. my mean comeback was directed at the morbid morbid obese ppl sitting near us..mean i know..but i am talking the biggest ppl i have ever seen on a beach.

oh i wish i could live in paris! i am so jealous right now. i want to travel like crazy...want to come over to europe for summer! soooo badly! if i make it...i am coming to watch you DJ!!! :) haha xxxx LM

Noelle a dit…

I love this picture. I live in a country considered liberal by some people: Brazil. The truth is I would love to do a topless at the beach, for example. But nobody does that here. The disapprobation would be inevitable. Women who show breast exist only at the beaches of nudism. Sometimes some are with the breast visible in the carnival, but often they are covered with ink.
I love your attitude in the photo.

I will come here more often.

Noelle a dit…

You can't show nipples but you can use tiny bikinis and not be bad view.

Maybe it was the way Brazilian society sees breasts, but I was ashamed to show my breasts, to the others and to me... I know friends that don't leave the breasts visible when they are changing clothes near the other. Do you believe?

Many Brazilian not love their body. They can show a slim body, but is almost always to get an acceptance that they not meet inwardly.

In the photo you did something so natural, but that many women would like to do and not do, for fear, or for shame.

And yes, the eye is mine. Thank you!

Isa a dit…

you are my hero! free the nipples!
now, this is something to get tatooed.
isa, fellow nipple lover.

Styleseeking Zurich a dit…

haha very cool picture! and you look great on all the others as well!


Inspire the Starling a dit…

This picture is hot. I love everything about it, especially the guy that looks like George Michael next to you.

NO, not the nipple!!!>

SOS! a dit…

the photos on this blog are very cool! I relaly like the one with the illustration (my love.)

xx-LJ from SOS!

GretyDoll a dit…

cool tits hahahahha

ray a dit…


thats it - this picture is so damn on

im linking this on my page back to you

hopefully the 2 people read it look

ray a dit…

seriously a damn 15th century oil painting

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