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mercredi 7 janvier 2009

La Clique NYC

Photos: Lionel Bensemoun
Last March in New York for the Armory Show.
Want to be there.
Can't wait to go back.
Only a few months away.

17 commentaires:

Zephyr a dit…

Hi Friend,
Nice Pictures
I would like to share my blog with u.

hande's closet a dit…

woww u re crazy love ur picsss:)))also love ur blog soo much iam adding ur blog to my links right now if u do the same i will be so happy!!

kisses HANDE

Jack Daniel a dit…

wow, such beautiful pictures!

thanks for the comment on my blog. I really appreciate what you said.

Camille a dit…

Beautiful photographs. I idolize the girl in the center-- her fur vest, scarf, aviators, structured tote-- what great style.

I will be in NYC in several months as well, cannot wait!

Jordan a dit…

if only i could be as cool as you...
i'm going to new york soon too! in april/may i think

Camille a dit…

Oh! How embarassing, I had no idea. You look fabulous, like I said. Haha

I will be moving to New York at the end of spring/start of summer for school-- I'm incredibly excited!

DUSKIN a dit…

noemi, you are TOO cute.

Anonyme a dit…

Oh i love these photos!!!
Brilliant blog.. i shall be following :) xxx

Knight Cat a dit…

helllo beautiful! you have some amazing pictures! i really like theseeeeeee..


Anonyme a dit…

everyone looks SO fabulous :)

La C.

Anonyme a dit…

very cool pictures!!

Lara a dit…

wicked style. come hang out in brooklyn
when you come!

LoveMore a dit…

awesome pictures love. these actually rock. ! xxx LM

jaime a dit…

absolutely cool! looks like a page out of an editorial :)

Hippy Chic a dit…

rad gang shot!! with super style, oh yes, Thanks SO much for stopping by HippieFrouFrou, have a great weekend :))


Aless & Rocío a dit…

I love the pictures!!!

Leah a dit…

this is such an amazing photo. completely awesome.

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