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samedi 10 janvier 2009


Photo: The Cobrasnake

I was tagged on both blogs the same day!
Over here, I was tagged by Jack Daniel.
So, The rules:
1. Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your pictures.
2. Pick the 4th picture in that folder.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same!

So, this is what turned up.
A photo of me and my two friends Sophie and Anne taken by the Cobrasnake.
There's Fab keeping a watchful eye in the background and I love that.
This was last summer, at the Lacoste/Visionnaire party which took place on a boat on the seine this year.
It was supposed to be a pool party, but when we got there and saw the ridiculously tiny jacuzzis that were to serve as "pools" for at least 200 people... We immediately monopolised one for ourselves. Spent most of the party in that jacuzzi causing chaos and mayhem, as you can see, we were armed with water guns, and became quite an attraction, people just standing around filming us, taking pics or just looking and waiting to get squirted.
Was a great party, how could it not be, champagne, cigarettes and water weapons on a summer night.

And now I tag Tigermilk, C'est comme ça, V and last but most certainly not least Knight Cat.

24 commentaires:

Copycat Sasha a dit…

thats such a fantastic photo!

The beautiful and glammed a dit…

Cool photo, looks like a good night x


super cool shot hon,loving the story behind it.
muah x

Alexa a dit…

hah great photo!

LoveMore a dit…

oh cool pic! i love the water guns..back off ppl. haha xx LM

Maren a dit…

LOVE it! Haha, envy you that, it looks too fun ;)

Rosanna a dit…

this looks like such a fun night :) plus i love the hat you're wearing


levis a dit…

Haha, I love the picture.
& you are cute!

Knight Cat a dit…


oh thank youuu for those pictures of talullah! they are sooo amazing, i love the set up of are so wonderful! and this picture is awesome, thank you for tagging me...i will do it :)

you are the best!


Jack Daniel a dit…

oh yeah great pic!

thanks for participating. :)

myra a dit…

Looks and sounds like fun :-) Its a nice picture, love!

Dooder City a dit…

So amazing. I didn't realize that one picture below is of Williamsburg! Represent Williamsburg!

Doll legs a dit…

OO fantastic partyy!!,and your hat its so cool.xoxox ;)

Anonyme a dit…

thank you lovely, you are so sweet.

i will do this now :)

tigermilk a dit…

yay! You took my tagging virginity.

:) thanks sweetie

jaime a dit…

aww this is cute! i know you hear this always and i always say this, but you have such a pretty face :)

syd vicious a dit…

Aww that looks fuuun!

Voodoo Child a dit…

Fun photo! I love your friend's water pistol.

Karla a dit…

cool did it! first I was like wtf but then I got it:D

u too though it's already sunday!

uuh I wanna go to a pool party right now...

xx Karla

Karnikova a dit…


love all your photos. They're amazing, as well as your style and your face. what do you do for living?

cashmere bullet a dit…

That seems like an amazing time! pool parties are the best and love this picture!



THE BAT a dit…

this is adorable. it's go to be the cutest thing ever.

hande's closet a dit…

u rock girl!!!love ur pics and the cobrasnake:)but i wonder who is julien weber :)

Anonyme a dit…

Awesome photo. x.

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