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dimanche 11 janvier 2009

Dine in The Dark

Photos: Julien Weber
Tonight is our annual Christmas diner.
As always, we do things fashionably late.
These are from last year.

11 commentaires:

Isa a dit…

now, this is what we cakk fashionably late- I love it!
maybe I should have all the christmas dinner dates now I didn´t have the time to go to in december!

Noelle a dit…

I love your pictures and everything that you do - and show to us.

Lara a dit…

you live such a chic life. haha fashionably late is the best way to do it.
thats amazing! i wonder which dress. yesss come dance in march! looking forward to it.

She's Dressing Up a dit…

Oh wow, I love the idea of dining in the dark - really focusing on the taste of the food, and interesting, honest conversation!

STARR a dit…

You are gorgeous. I love your blog <3

GretyDoll a dit…

wow beautiful images.

Camille a dit…

Very hot photos. I always try to make dining with candles at late hours the norm!
I've never been on time, and so I appreciate the fashionably late!!!

tigermilk a dit…

wait, is it really dark other than the camera flashes? or is just dimly lit? or am i missing it completly.. haha either way this is rad.

Karla a dit…

It might sound weird for someone who hears it the first time but If u've lived in Helsinki your whole life u never really think about the that i do it does sound quite cool and kinda gross too:D

uuh cool restaurant!


Jack Daniel a dit…

Julien weber takes niiiice pictures!

jessica a dit…

oh, gorgeous .


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