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mardi 23 décembre 2008


I was tagged by Sharlo the other day.
So I must list 7 random things about myself:
1. I can only draw with pilot 0.4mm pens.
2. I only own shoes that have minimum 12cm heels or more.
3. My favorit Dr. Seuss story is The Lorax.
4. My nails are currently pink, coral, cream, fushia, orange and chocolat brown.
5. I love hats.
6. I love cats.
7. My favorite song right now is this.


7 commentaires:

xladyxleahx a dit…

cool photos!
lovely blog
thanks for the comment by the way!

i dont use that blog anymore, its like 2 years old!!!
i use this one now:
stop by any time at all

LoveMore a dit…

thanks so much for your tag!!! :)
Good 7 facts, I love multi coloured nails too, they are very fun. hope you have a merry christmas! xxx

Voodoo Child a dit…

Nice fun facts. I like the collage of photos.

May Kasahara a dit…

love the photos.

THE BAT a dit…

i really like your blog! would you exchange links with me?

Anonyme a dit…

sure i'd love to link!

chloé mariya a dit…

gonna put it on chloé mariya now

lovely pictures i love polaroids and spontanious pictures like these

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