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dimanche 28 novembre 2010

Moving To Tumblr

Photo: Me by Fab the Pool Boy

In a final attempt to salvage this blog, I have decided to moved it to Tumblr which will enable me to upload more content, more easily!
This also means that I WILL be blogging from Miami this year, on a daily basis!
I can assure you that this is not an empty threat and that I fully intend on sticking to it this time!

So it is my great pleasure to redirect you to the new, improved:

I am so terribly sorry for abandoning my wonderful readers but I hope you forgive me and that you will follow me to my new home!
I hope you enjoy it and look forward to keeping this photo diary alive!

you can also follow my South Beach adventure on my Twitter account: noemisunshine

4 commentaires:

liana a dit…

awww :( your moving.
not to worry, i'll still pop in to your tumblr town.

rachel kara a dit…

For some silly reason unbeknownst to me I hadn't checked your blog in light years and only just returned to find you have moved. Heading to tumbletown now...


LHFC a dit…

beautiful photo!! adding your link now!!

Rubie a dit…

Amaizing picture!

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