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vendredi 6 novembre 2009

You, Blueberry Muffin

Super 8 Video by Bruno Ripoche

Remember the shoot for Odetta I did a month ago.
Here's the video.
I love it and hope you do too.

11 commentaires:

alyssa a dit…

how FUN! i love it.. kind of spooky <3<3<3

Lexy a dit…

Love it! What an amazing thing to have..


V. a dit…

ugggh! ur so pretty. i hate getting jealous, but inevitably ... a very nice vid. love the song, too, what is it??

Anonyme a dit…

love the song :)

and you look gorgeous, as always

le pearl a dit…

This reminds me of the 60's like wild drugs, dancing and cute girls :D

Emily a dit…

amaazing video!! i love it!

amanda a dit…


Lilee a dit…

great video!

liana a dit…

ahhhh trippy. i love it. the lighting is great.
what is this song? it's excellent.

Janis a dit…

You look beautiful on that video, the light and the music are just perfect ! :)

Lou a dit…

here is the song

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