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mercredi 14 octobre 2009


Photos: Alexandra Chalaud
Styling: Valérie / Odetta
Make-up: Sylvie Le Fur

A couple of weeks ago, I did this photo shoot for this amazing vintage store in the Marrais called Odetta. They specialize in vintage designer pieces, more precisely, YSL.
So you're ever strolling around the Marrais in Paris, you need to stop by Odetta, some thing are just too go to be missed.
Am wearing a vintage YSL necklace and earing, vintage Valentino dress, vintage Balenciaga leather jacket, Michel Vivien boots. The rest of the clothes are mine.
As for the shots, I really do love them.
Alexandra is a truly lovely photographer, something about her picture that are so soft yet intrusive. There's nothing like a woman behind a camera.
This shot is up on Wow Magazine aswell.
We also shot a video with a super 8 camera, but that's another story for another time.

17 commentaires:

Christing a dit…

you look amazing in these! love the eye makeup and boots!!

somedaynewyorker a dit…

Absolutely love the makeup in these photos. Bold but not over powering.


sensational pictures!
and I looove that earring :)

harlequins party a dit…

God your gorgeous! Love your eyes... The earring and dress are stunning!! :)


wanna make out?

KAELA a dit…

whoa.. girl crushing! haha
you look wonderful.. great shoot. xx

denise a dit…

wow these are amazing. you are seriously gorgeous and of course these photos are great!

AKIRA a dit…

so beautiful!!!!

patti a dit…

They are gorgeous.


CAMILLE a dit…

LADY you are gorgeous!!!!

L.Luna a dit…

Those are so sultry and sexy! Gorgeous!

YAIYA a dit…

this post is AWESOME, i love it!!

Jillian a dit…

<3 it

ParisGreys a dit…

Noemi!!! i havent been to your site in so long and im so happy i stopped by-these photos of you are stunning! hope you're enjoying life!

xoxo kelsey elise

angie Leopold a dit…

sooooo stunning like wow x x

KATLIN a dit…

you have such beautiful eyes! and i love the earrings you're wearing!!

Jessica a dit…

Wow, these pictures say a lot, with a limited colour palette. I love them. so sexy. Very nice.

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