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jeudi 28 mai 2009

Yes We Cannes

Photo: Arnaud Baumann
And so I'm back.
Exhausted but thrilled!
This was my best Cannes ever!
So many wonderful new friends and I can't even begin to tell you all the amazing thing that took place and incredible experiences we've been through.
I think the best way is to show you.
This was taken at the "Nowhere Boy" Party for which I was djing with Greg.
Am wearing Chloé and Cacharel.
So stay tuned for more, and I hope I won't disappoint!
Ps: I wanted to thank you all for all your lovely comments!
I will do my very best to get back to you all as soon as possible!
It's good to be back!

24 commentaires:

Christing a dit…

would love to have been in cannes for the festival...going in 2 weeks but won't be the same! can't wait to see all your pics and fashion choices!

CAMILLE a dit…

ooh you look amazing....killer shoes...sounds like so much fun!

camille x

Shen-Shen a dit…

Ahhh I'm excited to hear about it! You look cute, I love your shoes!

Valeria Lovo a dit…

chloe, always a classic,
and cant wait to see all the photos!!


sarah a dit…

welcome home, I look forward to seeing the rest of your cannes pics.

Eden a dit…

hi N, its my first time on your blog and i must say, you are incredible.:) i'm actually giving mixing a shot locally, share pointers?! your style is killer too!

much love


viky a dit…

I'm sooo in love with your blog!


BrownieBara a dit…

hey babes.. i happen to come across your blog accidentally. wow.. u have one hell of a cool style. i love your tutu skirt in your previous post. simply said, awesome!!!


Gabrielle. a dit…

i'm in love with your shoes.
can't wait what you'll post next, darling. :)


geisharock a dit…

can't wait to hear about it :) those shoes are supersex xoxo

Mariona a dit…

I'm very jealous, amazing days I suppose, you looks divine in this pic, shoes and skirt exquisite I'm sure you've used the time, kisses

bisou-joue a dit…

oh great picture ! Love your skirt, love its fabric ! your shoes are amazing !

Anonyme a dit…

You are so gorg, and have amazing style! Fab blog!

xo, Becs

katrina a dit…

Sounds great!
Love your outfit, that skirt is just stunning!

LHFC a dit…

your such an inspiration! djing ang looking amazing while doing it. love this photo too good x

One Trick Pony a dit…

I'm exited to hear about it (: nice picture. Nice dresss ahhhh agony :-p

Citizen Couture a dit…

Just came across your site and it's pretty cool. I love the photos you have up!


thischicksgotstyle a dit…

hahah I love the title of your post :P
gorgeous outfit and killer heels!!


Frou Flu a dit…

lovely photograph... loving the skirt as well:)

CAMILLE a dit…

thankyou for your sweet comment. I'm hanging out for your next post!!

Vern P a dit…

what a cute photo!

rockandrouge a dit…

It´s been a pleasure to see your photos from cannes, I understand why you are so excited, it looks pretty cool!

greetings from barcelona

indigotangerine a dit…

you lucky lucky thing! i want to go to cannnes. i imagine it's simply magical

mai sassy girl a dit…

babe! i didnt realize you had a blog! i miss you dearly!!! come to tokyo and ill help you tear it apart!!! hehe

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