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jeudi 9 avril 2009

Random International

Photos: Virgili Jubero
The amazing Londond-based collective rAndom International were in Paris for one night at the Pop Up bar to demonstrate their incredible light graffiti workshop and present their up coming projects.
Probably one of my favorite workshops since the beginning of the Pop Up.
Truly enjoyed the Pixel Tape! 
Completely surrealistic and pure genius.
These are the coolest geeks in the world!

26 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

I love that you wear a differently colored pair of shoes. nicccce touch!

Kathy a dit…

Nice photos!
Why were you wearing a blue and an orange shoe?

Noemi Sunshine Ferst a dit…

Because I wanted to.

cleo a dit…

:)i love the shoes!!!

ing a dit…

Love the shoes, nice contrast to the jacket.
Pop up bar look so nice! gosh I miss Paris..

STARR a dit…

The shoes are so great! Looks like fun <3

Hanna a dit…

those shoes are awesome!

Twobreadsplease a dit…

I'm intrigues by the saddle chair and I love your shoes! x

LoveMore a dit…

oh girl these pics are AMAZING! you always give us such hot shots to look at - looks like a fun time!

thanks for your comment too - yes all is well thank so jelous you are coming into warm paris amazingness! wish i was there!

xxxx bel

Claudia a dit…

looks like fun! nice outfit

Anonyme a dit…

god i love you for the 2 different shoes.

Bianca and Isabella a dit…

love this whole thing, hun.

the crumpet girls

Anonyme a dit…

love the photos! :)


Bijou and Ruby a dit…

Well done lady! Great outfit and to agree with everyone who commented if you got two of the same shoes in different colours you wear them like that! Utterly stupendous!



Carolina Botelho a dit…

haha your shoes!! fabbb!

Anonyme a dit…

you're wearing two different colored shoes with an all black outfit! i love it.are they the same brand? so as to have the same height?? that could be tricky.

divine bunny a dit…

so good.,

are you wearing two different shoes?



wow that graffiti looks really really nice! Oh and nice shoes too ;)

NADINE a dit…

great shots!!! xxx a dit…

i love your photo's, always. they bring such joy and magic to me!

love always !!
hope to hear from you

Fashionistadiary a dit…

adorable, your two toned shoes!! great idea! love your blog so much i have added you to my blogroll xo

Jillian a dit…

seriously it looks like u always have a great time!

and u look amazing!

sofie a dit…

ohh pixel tape!
j'adore les escarpins, t'as deux paires ou tu les a achetés comme ça?

Clare a dit…

Is that the UV clothes spray? I want some of that stuff. Love your shoes too, bet you're sick of hearing that!
Thanks for looking at my blog by the way, you big lovely x

Shared closet a dit…

oh-my-good! i've no words! :)
your photos are perfect! your style!! your clothes, your make-up...! you are amazing!
i'm gonna add u to my favorites!

rebecca a dit…

looks like a nice party :)

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