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mardi 17 février 2009

Le Radeau de la Méduse

Photos: Julien Weber
What a mess.
What a wonderful mess.
This is just a glimpse of our Tête d'Affiche party.
So much more to come.

nb: A lot of you have been asking about my top.
It is actually a body suit and was designed by a friend of mine, Gaelle Constantini, who just recently launched her label. Her designs are available at the Black Block shop, inside the Palais de Tokyo.
But don't go looking for that body suit, this one was made just for me.

24 commentaires:

Camille a dit…

Très sexy! I love the bodysuit, how lovely to have it custom made!

jaime a dit…

oh i LOVE! beautiful face, beautiful outfit, beautiful YOU :)and the pictures are so fun, i love it!

Francheska L a dit…

These photos are seriously awesome!!!
Liking your blog a lot :)


Hanna a dit…

stunning! ouuu these photos drive me crazy once again.

Anonyme a dit…

the photos taken are simply to-die-for. julien has a great eye..i so want to come to paris!

LoveMore a dit…

oh these photos are so much fun! you all look like you having a ball. nice work.

thanks for your comment! much love, bel xxxx

Jack Daniel a dit…

I like these pics. Inspires me to do the same. :P
And the bodysuit of course looks great, great, great!!

Nike a dit…

love love the pics.

Sarah Edwina Rose a dit…

Ok, I would quite like to party with you guys...

Fashionistadiary a dit…

wow! lucky you! you look as amazing as ever! it would be great if you could do a make up post? loving how natural your make up looks.. xo

Bijou and Ruby a dit…

Ooh aren't you good! Well you get top marks for that, the missing films were as follows: Le Ballon rouge, Le Voyage du Ballon Rouge, Zazie dans le Metro and I was hoping someone could tell me the Jane Birkin film.

I truly adore Paris I've been a few times and I spend the rest of my time dreaming I was there. Lucky Lucky you. For now I'll have to do with the beauty of Sydney.

Any French film recomendations would be greatly appreciated!

Anonyme a dit…

Pourquoi je suis toujours en dernier dans les tags ! c'est relou l'ordre alphabétique !!

Noemi Sunshine Ferst a dit…

Et oui!
T'aurais préféré t'appeler Alain pour être en premier?!

cashmere bullet a dit…

That looks way too fun! haha... awesome pictures, you cease to amaze me..

Sabina a dit…

Amazing photos and so fun. You seem to have wonderful friends in all the right places! Bodysuit ENVY xx

Thanks for the comments :)

CHIC Sensibility... a dit…

Cool pics. I love iy.
Stay chic!


The guy with the glasses looks kinda like a young yves saint laurent, doesn't he? Julien is a really good photographer! I love these pics.

M Paris a dit…

these pics are so rad!! luv it! wish i was part of it :)


Allison a dit…

Your life looks so fun!

ing a dit…

You took the words right out of my mouth. And I just love flipping the pages of an old photoalbum and remember all the good times again.
And thank you for your kind words!

Moodie a dit…

Ahahahah elle avait l'air folle, cette fête !!! Vous êtes beaux les amis xx

Lara a dit…

I have been such a boring blogger lately.
You look unbelievable! and custom made body know the right people.
i want to come join in the fun.
big xo

miky a dit…

hahah this pics are sooo nice and it looks like you have had fun!!!

ps, you autfit looks amazing!

Grace a dit…

you are so intriguing! Love your blog and thanks for your comments


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