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samedi 7 février 2009

In The Light

Photos: Fab The Pool Boy

17 commentaires:

Bijou and Ruby a dit…

Well you have truly outdone yourself. This images are practically perfect in every way!


BR a dit…

Good Blog.

isabelle a dit…


Willow Rain Jade a dit…

The lighting is so cool
I love the star :)

Marina a dit…

amazing pics, love them.
you're so pretty...!

ing a dit…

Beautiful. I love the star.

Anonyme a dit…

Hii darling! Thx a lot for ur comment! I appreciate it.

Wow..I just want to say that I def. love ur blog!
I´m already following it.
U´r pictures are fantastic...and ur outfits....♥ I´ve no words.
So pretty!
Nice to meet u and Kisses from Spain! xxxxx

Jordan a dit…

as per usual!

PUG and PIPS a dit…

you really are a natural beauty.

I'm glad you like the Juggers, they are really nice guys. You probably know Cut Copy and the Presets as well then? They are also from Melbourne and in the same circle of friends!

the.ramonas a dit…

like always, awesome pics and post. looking gorgeous!


maisie #1 and #2 a dit…

it's like paint splattered moonlight. i really like these, especially the star on your cheek!

/maisie #1

electric feel a dit…

stunning how you play with lights

The Stiletto Effect a dit…

Great, great pictures!

Vintage Tea a dit…

Stunning photos

Please check out


LoveMore a dit…

awesome shots dear! i have many times worn stars on my face in that same spot!
cute :)
xx LM

Connie Hsiu a dit…

gosh you are just too beautiful! i love these photos. The cigarette, the look, just reminds me of Edie Sedgewick.

ray a dit…

this is so fun! love the layout! love the flicks!

your face is so memorable!

im honored!

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