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mardi 13 janvier 2009

New York Nights

Photos: Lionel Bensemoun

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electric feel a dit…

love the bracelet

laura ? a dit…

hey, gotta admit, i like your blog !

so a little question, when did you start the DJing thing ? i've been really intrested for a while already but can't seem to get started in any way.. ;--)

x's, laura

Zephyr Girl a dit…

Hi Friend,
good one.
i would like to share my link with ur blog.
visit my

Anonyme a dit…

love the bathtub flick!

laura ? a dit…

thanks, haha i guess it's a move to paris then.. but i guess it's have to be started from somewhere anyway, so just to find a right place and time and i guess that's it. good that you've gotten quite far though !


Camille a dit…

Looks like a perfect night with cigarettes, bathtubs, and an attractive guy in the background! :)

So what exactly are you doing in NY? I'm very jealous!

cashmere bullet a dit…

love these pictures! looks like you all have so much fun. crazy times.


Sammy a dit…

great blog!
love both of them actually!

M* a dit…

What an amazing pictures!

STARR a dit…

Gorgeous again! You really know how to wear hats <3

Anonyme a dit…

ah new york. these photos seem to capture it!

LoveMore a dit…

oh the best part of the night is totally the 'after party'...i lovvvvve it. great pics. xxx LM

GretyDoll a dit…

allo =]
mon cherie . je'adore votre blog.
i will be in Paris in the spring and i would like to know where you d.j ?

Kat George a dit…

Can I have your hair and her shoes please? xx

Louise a dit…

Are you frensh ?

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