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jeudi 22 janvier 2009

A Sign That We Should Move Together Somewhere Warm

Photo: Fabien de Serres
A few years ago.
When we were younger.

11 commentaires:

Dooder City a dit…

Really great photo. I love that it is also in black and white.

closeup a dit…

love the photo :)

Demi a dit…

thank you :)
cute photo!


LoveMore a dit…

oh wow great pics! you two are stunning really. and yeah mix it up with inspirational too! but up to you. hope you have had a good week!!!
xxx love LM

May Kasahara a dit…

so much LOVE. ♥

STARR a dit…

Great picture as usual. I'd love to see some inspiration posts too :)

GretyDoll a dit…

you and your fab the pool boy are thes best. you make me wanna fall in love
bisous gretydoll

Camille a dit…

This is beautiful and so romantic!

(Encyclo)lydia a dit…

SOooooo much romance. I am craving love now. beautiful shot.

Hippy Chic a dit…

l,o,v,e. is in the air.

ray a dit…

i can just see the flash of morning light and the happiness of seeing who you awake next to in your eyes'


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