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samedi 3 janvier 2009


Photos: Julien Weber

Is my new Black.

7 commentaires:

THE BAT a dit…

these are so cute!

THE BAT a dit…

okay yay! i'll add you right now.

the.ramonas a dit…

love this blog! is that you! GORGEOUS! we added you to our bloggers list. hope to see you around often!


Rosanna a dit…

you're sooo gorgeous!!!! added you to our list too!!!

PUG and PIPS a dit…

you have a new blog?? I got confused! you look like beautiful blue princesses :)

P.S I'll add this blog to my blog role as well x x x

jaime a dit…

aww such a natural beauty!

Katja Cintja a dit…

i like it! you look so good!

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