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jeudi 29 janvier 2009

House of Waris

Photos: Victor Aime
Sorry for the lack of innovation, but haven't really had time to sort and scan new pics.
Promise tomorow there will be pics from another party.
A lot of people asked about my hat and what I was wearing.
The hat was purchased in an amazing second hand shop in Williamsburg and I am sporting a black playsuit with a vintage lace blouse.
Sorry you can't see that better but the pictures were not taken for the outfit.

11 commentaires:

Zephyr Girl a dit…

that's very nice.
expecting more pics;-)

deedoubleyou a dit…

thanks so much for the comments
i love looking at all of your pictures :) so pretty

Camille a dit…

You are just so pretty! Sipping on those drinks, looks fabulous.

Dooder City a dit…

Can I ask which second hand store in Williamsburg? Way to represent:)

Leah a dit…

i love this blog. thanks for checking mine out so i was able to discover yours!

May Kasahara a dit…

so pretty.

May Kasahara a dit…

you are so stunning.

Jack Daniel a dit…

i haven't checked out your blog in a long while. nice to see some really cool pictures of you and friends partying 'till da-break-a-dawn.

jaime a dit…

ahh gorgeous as usual! i fall in love with you and your photos with every post :)

ginny a dit…

the waris party must have been a blast.

you look so fantastic. great pictures ;)

LoveMore a dit…

love your look N! so cute. the lace is hot hot hot. and how you do your eye make-up suits you well.

glad you have been busy! means you have been working and playing lots! congrats dear!

xx LM

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