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jeudi 18 décembre 2008

Technicolor Holga

Photo: Fab The Pool Boy

6 commentaires:

Voodoo Child a dit…

Cool picture.

Cate a dit…

Really a cool picture. The girl with her sunglasses and the cigarette looks so cool... I imagine it was taken at a party!!
Well, I have the second blog with many other contributors, and I'm just a contributor too, I didn't start KATE MOSS STYLE, so I'm not the one who posts most of the things there. But I see you have another contributor to both of your blogs too, so it shouldn't be that difficult to manage!

Maria C a dit…

You are right, i do love it :)

Mel a dit…

amazing pic! x

chloé mariya a dit…

i never use the word
but this is


Jack Daniel a dit…

wow, your blog is awsome.

i love your photo's!

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